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the big picture - Blog

The Big Picture

There is a fantastic couplet by Dr. Rahat Indori, Dhundhte-dhundhte ek umr guzaari jiskoWo agar saamne aa jaye to paagal ho jaaun You can watch

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the death of facebook - Blog

The Death of Facebook

Not like the company is dying. Infact even after the recent privacy concerns, Cambridge Analytica scandal and the rise of Instagram and Tik Tok, facebook

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From a Job in the IT Industry to Full Time Travel Blogging - Blog

From a Job in the IT Industry to Full-Time Travel Blogging

[amazon_link asins=’B0091ISTUU,B017ID54G6,8126563257,1426215649′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’soyaison-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’9a4c0fe4-c951-11e8-ab2f-ddd4f5657770′] Discussion with Rajiv Verma on his journey of leaving job and becoming a full time Travel Blogger Timestamps –

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taxi for sure logo - Blog

Are you replaceable?

Around 2013-14, Taxi4Sure was a major competitor of Ola. If I remember correctly, it was also comparatively cheaper. Their phone number was also pretty easy

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view from dubai burj khalifa - Blog

Dubai in pictures

I have too many pictures of Dubai to share and couldn’t include all of them in the original travelogue. So here’s presenting just the pictures,

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dubai infrastructure - Blog

दुबई की एक अजीब प्रजाती

  दुबई घूमके वापस आ गया हूँ. अपने एक्सपीरियेन्स का ब्लॉग लिखूंगा, फोटोस भी शेयर कर दूँगा. पर 4 घंटे की फ्लाइट में कुछ हिन्दी

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indian desi groom turban pagdi - Blog

Mr. Just Married!

So the dhols have stopped, the decorative lighting is off the house, the relatives have departed and you have either already scooted on your honeymoon

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welcome to commitment signboard 1 - Blog

Commitments? No Way!

The word ‘commitment’ may mean different things to different people. For a 15-year-old chap, it may just be a word his girlfriend repeatedly uses to

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walking away and moving on - Blog

Moving On…

You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place… like you’ll not only miss the moments you cherished but you’ll also miss

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a warrior in the desert - Blog


This is not one of my usual blogs. This will be meaningless and you are not going to see a point. This won’t be funny.

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mens accessories - Blog

Accessories maketh the man

This is one those Urban Purush blogs that you’ll find around here. These are gems I wrote for the Urban Purush website Gentlemen, accessories are extremely important and one

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ios android windows os - Blog

What The Fone!

Rant Alert – Some readers may find this blog a piece of rant, readers’ discretion advised! Just like most of the millennials out there, my

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indore ibus brts - Blog

iReview the iBus

We Indoris are proud people. Proud of our city, its culture, its food and its dialect among many other things. Ask a true indori, what

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bangalore skyline - Blog


Since my phone has been on roaming for the last few days, I decided to name this blog the same. First it was Pune for

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dabangg poster salman khan - Blog

It takes a Dabangg

According to the early reports, Dabangg, starring Salman Khan, has crushed the opening weekend numbers set by 3 Idiots last year. 3 Idiots was released

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ipl chennai kings - Blog

IPL, Bollywood and Girls

“So how’s life?”“These days are so boring yaar”“Kyu? Any problem in the office?”“Arey nahi, the temperature is rising, there are no good movies coming up

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