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3 compliments that apply to every girl out there!

man complimenting woman 1024x576 - 3 compliments that apply to every girl out there!

Gentlemen, when was the last time someone appreciated you for your new shirt or shoes or anything else for that matter? Long time? Yesterday? Doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that a single compliment can make your day and more so if it comes from someone of the opposite sex. It’s just natural.
The good news is that the same applies to women! So what are you waiting for? Go out, compliment women, make their day and be called charming! But it’s much easier said than done. Here is the biggest problem, we men don’t pay as much attention as we should and thus end up not complimenting enough.

Remember when you totally didn’t notice her new ear rings? That is still level 3, level 1 is not noticing her new haircut! (If you are curious, level 2 is not noticing her new handbag or sandals 😉 … you get the idea). However, we cannot be blamed for this, neither do we really care about ear rings nor a haircut is big of a deal. I mean we get a haircut every month!

So how do we go about this? Well, below is a list of 3 compliments you can hand out to every girl without thinking too much because, no matter what, they will work! Let’s begin with the absolute number 1 compliment!!

1. “Lost weight?”

compliments that apply to all women 1024x576 - 3 compliments that apply to every girl out there!

Now every girl out there, yes Sir, EVERY girl, either wants to reduce 2 kgs, look slimmer or want to wear one size smaller clothes. On the other hand, we don’t really care about our weight until one day we notice a double chin in the latest pic. Oh and for some of us even a double chin is normal. But that is not the case with the Venusians, so Mr. Smooth, seize the opportunity and tell her how her dress is a perfect fit!

2. “Your smile!” or “Your eyes!”

beautiful eyes woman 1024x576 - 3 compliments that apply to every girl out there!

Guys let’s admit it, we totally adore a girl’s smile and even more so if we are the reason behind it. While complimenting her smile is something that may make some sense to us and would probably fetch a smile from her as well, there is another compliment that the pink army loves to hear – “Your eyes!”. If she sports thick specs, you can always add on a couple of more words and try something like – “Your eyes are so deep!” and let her do the thinking part, we anyways don’t have the brains to explain that. But please be smart enough to have backup if she asks you to explain it. Also, say this while you are looking into her eyes and not checking out the girl on the next table 😉

3. That ‘unimportant’ stuff

difference between men and women understanding of colors 1024x576 - 3 compliments that apply to every girl out there!

Let’s get back to ear rings and add necklace, bangles, handbag, clutch (a smaller handbag is called a clutch and we always thought it was a vehicle spare part 😃), hair pins, color coordination and other such stuff to the list of things that you can compliment her about. You might think how these can make into the list as they are so… unimportant to say the least. Don’t be fooled, these are unimportant only to us. For the F-Gender, a PhD level of research goes into what accessories would match what dress. And since she has already done the research, you cannot go wrong when you compliment these. As far as color coordination goes, while we are used to wearing whatever clothes that are available and can name 7 colors at max (thanks to VIBGYOR), girls know about colors that are totally alien to us like Mauve, Burnt-Orangish-Grey and Fuchsia! (Yes, Fuchsia is the same color no man has ever spelt correctly!)


So gentlemen, now that you know the 3 unbeatable compliments that are bound to work let’s get into something thicker. Let’s understand that she may have been receiving compliments like these from her high school years and excessive usage tends to sound fake. If you really want to compliment a girl without the risk, you better be genuine and respectful. Calling her beautiful and good looking is respectful, calling her hot and sexy may not be. Keep it fun, cheers! 😊

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