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Effort or Accountability – Pick your Poison

effort vs accountability 1024x576 - Effort or Accountability - Pick your Poison

You can walk into a project and give your 100% effort. You understand that a project is a collective effort and that’s why you expect everyone else to give their 100% and do their bit too. You cannot run the World but surely the World knows you’ve put all your efforts.

In an alternate Universe, you can walk into a project assuming 100% accountability. You believe it is your obligation to take care of every single activity including those that have nothing to do with your skillsets. You run the show.

The latter obviously demands a lot more work. The latter is also highly risky and we all know the maxim – Higher the risk, higher the reward (or the penalty).

In most cases, the parameter that determines how you are going to walk into a project depends on how attached you are to it. Often times it is also about how in-charge you are.

So how many projects are you accountable for and which ones are you giving your best efforts in?

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