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Exactly how boring can reading a book be?

There goes a saying,

“A person who doesn’t read has no advantage over a person who cannot read.”

Well technologically speaking, that isn’t true. *Nerd Logic Alert* There are audio books and softwares of all kinds out there that can read a book for you regardless of your ability to read. Of course in this case you must be able to listen.

Here’s the question though – Exactly how boring can reading a book get?

reading a book - Exactly how boring can reading a book be?

Some people would rather watch paint dry than read a book. While some others will be baffled by the question, after all, how can reading a book be boring for anyone?

Personally, I think reading books is very underrated especially considering the life transforming potential that they carry. School books were enough reading for me in my teenage while the coolest new thing called the ‘internet’ kept me busy in mid-2000s. But this doesn’t mean that I ran away at the sight of those fat fiction novels. However, it does mean that I started out on the journey of reading books pretty late. Nonetheless, fiction has never been my cup of green tea.

To be frank, I would totally agree to a young club-hopping, selfie-posing, online-shopping, girlfriend-on-the-pillion, always-hanging-out guy when he says that reading books are boring. This guy has all the reasons in the World to find books boring!

But for the rest of us (and when that young guy grows older), especially those that really want to start reading books but find them utterly boring, here’s what I suggest,

1. What do you like?

read what you love - Exactly how boring can reading a book be?

There has to be something that you like! It could be as obvious as managing money or as vague as fantasy World. Whatever you like, you are most likely going to find some really great books on that topic. Here’s the deal, the first book that you buy has got to be the best book in the market on your favorite topic. Read the previous sentence again. No seriously do it! And once you are done with the book you are definitely going to crave for more

2. Don’t set high reading targets

People often fall into this trap. We tend to set reading targets – one book per week, one book per month, one book per quarter. You don’t have to do this. Reading books need to be inculcated organically

3. Start with 5 minutes per day

Notice how I mentioned one book per quarter as a reading target in the previous point? That’s because the only target you really need is 5 minutes per day. If that takes you one year to complete a book, so be it!

4. Let the author do the hardwork

The best book on your favorite topic is going to do the hardwork for you. Trust the author to spark your interest in the book. Afterall, he is a best selling author for a reason. I am pretty sure after the first few days it will start getting difficult to put down the book in 5 minutes. You would want to read more. That is when you will be ready to be introduced to the beautiful parallel World of books.

Reading books is one such hobby that grows on you. Give it a try and I am sure you will thank me later.

Below are some books I can recommend but be mindful that your interests could be totally different. Also, if you are looking for an exhaustive list, go here

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