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Unison 2010 – From my eyes

proton college annual event unison 2010 poster - Unison 2010 - From my eyes

The 2-day annual event of PROTON business school, Unison 2010, is now over and it ended with the rock band Tapas playing the theme of ‘Saare jahan se acha hindostan hamara’ on guitar. I don’t think there could have been a better ending to Unison than that. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the core coordinating team of the event and hence had tons of learning experiences. I will list some of the most important ones in this blog. These should help you not only in organizing similar events but also in day-to-day life.

My first and the most important learning or rather a realization was managing information. Everything must be with you in soft copy for reference purposes as you never know when you may require what information. It took me 7 excel files, 16 notepad files, 24 PPTs and 32 word documents in all to manage every single bit of information throughout the event. The information varied from the list of 92 prospect sponsors for the event to the 60 days event preparation schedule leading to Unison.

Now let’s go over the 15 lessons learned on event management thanks to Unison 2010,

1. While approaching the prospect event sponsors, the priority should always be given to local players rather than the MNCs or National companies. Local players have full authority to make marketing decisions while the larger companies will first send your proposal to their head office where all the power to make decisions lie

2. The best thing you can offer your sponsors is marketing their brand through your event. Let them know how much cost they will incur if they do it themselves. Tell them the amount of expected footfalls in the event, the number of posters, passes, billboards and other marketing material you are planning to print that will showcase their brand

3. Always try to create separate PPTs for prospect sponsors clearly listing their benefits. The biggest advantage of this is the fact that Smokin’ Joe’s Pizzas may not be looking for exactly the same sponsorship benefits as Shell Lubricants. Similarly, while starting your career, you might be looking to apply for different type of job roles, try to create separate resumes for each

4. Make sure your email attachment does not exceed 1.5 MB. Few email servers like that of Pantaloons and ING Vysya Insurance, to name a few, will not accept any email larger than 1.5 MB. So if you are forwarding your resume to any company, make sure the attachment is lesser than 1.5 MB or it won’t go through

5. Whenever you want to send bulk mails, make use of BCC. Nobody wants their corporate email ID on display in forward emails

6. Whenever you have a 5 minute meeting with your boss, always list down everything that you want to discuss and keep the entire discussion to the point. The boss neither has the interest nor the time to listen to stories

7. If you are the last person to leave the meeting room or any official meeting place for that matter, make sure you place the chairs where they belong and switch off the lights. It is a common business etiquette and shows that you are responsible

8. In any kind of deal, nothing should be taken as obvious. Everything must be clearly mentioned in black and white in the MOU or any other formal document. Verbal confirmation is NO confirmation. Basically, if it is not signed by the authorized person, it is too early to consider it a deal

9. The corporate World will not kill you for a mistake. It is OKAY to make genuine mistakes. The only caveat is that you must be smart enough not to repeat them

10. Always maintain a to-do list. There will be numerous things to be done in a single day and you are most likely to forget half of them if you don’t jot down

11. Arguments are necessary. A team of 5 may have 6 different ideas. Brainstorming will ultimately provide the best way forward

shoaibqureshi blog image - Unison 2010 - From my eyes

12. There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘Team’. Thoughts may differ but every individual in the team must work on the consent of majority

13. The amount of sleep never matters when you are doing something that you absolutely love. Your productivity will also double. You will realize it later on, probably when you get back to classes 😜

14. Few things are never under your control, for example, the sound system, the electricity arrangements, the weather conditions etc. Always make sure there is a backup plan in place for all possible risks

15. If you are organizing an event, always be ready to sacrifice the limelight you might have gained by performing on stage or simply staying in the crowd. You won’t get a chance for any stage performance, no time for visiting the salon, no time for changing clothes, no time for taking photographs during the event and absolutely no time for socializing

All these lessons aside, I think it is very important to realize that no matter how strong the planning is, the success of an event does not depend on just the completion of everything as per the plan, it also depends substantially on the ability to handle the unplanned stuff.

But wait, if you thought event management is all about hardwork and dedication, you are right! 😁 But it is also about fun… a lot of fun! Here’s a reminisce video from Unison 2010 –

PS – Thank You Note

A grand event like Unison is not possible with just the work of the coordinating team. Due to time constraints at Unison, I was unable to thank a lot of people on behalf of the Cultural Committee and while we are at it, I will use my blog to thank everyone involved starting with our Chief Mentor Sandeep Sir for his constant support and inspiration, Manish Sir for having the perseverance to tolerate us for almost 3 months, Mitesh Sir for all the web support we needed, Dean Sir for granting us the permissions we asked for academically (which includes bunking lectures and still getting the attendance, not just for us but for the participants too 😜), the continuous motivation by all the faculty members, strategic support by the senior members of the cultural committee, the IT people who gave us printouts/photocopies whenever required, Vishal Sir for his suggestions in formatting various official letters, the Security Guards for their support in letting the outsiders contact us and also letting us stay in the college premises beyond midnight, the reception ma’am for handling all the queries she received, Som Singh Bhaiyya for the operational support, all the participants from several colleges who rehearsed hard and gave their best performances, the entire Cultural Committee, the sponsors, the vendors and each and everyone of those who attended Unison 2010. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Unison 2010 – From my eyes”

  1. Simply Great,
    First of all Hats off to you and your team for making this event. This event's success is directly related with the efforts that you all have made.

    Talking about the learnings that you have shared in this blog is really nice idea.This all learnings will definitely prove help full to us in our life, so I am really thank full to you for the same.

  2. Shoib,First of all I would like to congratulate you and your team for the grand success of UNISON 2010. It was indeed a great pleasure and lot of fun and exercise to join the event. I enjoyed to the fullest.

    In my opinion your learnings are the "MANTRAS" for a successful corporate / business life.
    I will surely try to follow these learnings of yours.

    Thanks alot for sharing your experiences.

  3. Hello My ex-Member,
    i know very well know that you and your work that is always excellent. Congrats! for such kind of events organize by you and your team.

    So what is benefit of this work?
    ans: 1(one) month pre-SIP on Marketing and Event Mg't in Indore.


  4. it was gr8…keep it up!!!
    I hope u will keep on organizing such grand n good events again n again in your life…my best wishes..bas hum bhi yad rakhna k hum bhi tumhare sath hai…:)


  5. @divyesh, i always wanted to share my learnings from Unison & blogging about it was the best possible option 😉

    @mudasir, the learnings are there for you dude, go ahead & take those you like

  6. @ketan, during the event we told each other the same thing innumerable times, Unison was an experience worth the SIP 😉

    @dilpreet, sirji aap to sath hain hi that is why the event was possible

    @neha, you did a great job yaar especially all the callings & stuff. good job girl & hopefully the cultural comm will keep organizing events together. cheers.

  7. Nice post buddy,

    I can surely say that this is straight from horse's mouth. No class and no subject can give such small yet very important practical learnings.!! The content has direct resemblance to what you as an individual and as an team player has learned over the 60 days journey which led to the success of UNISON 2010.

    Thanks for sharing it, hopefully am expecting more such blogs from you.

  8. @kamal, thanks for reading & that too during the exam time 😉 thanks for all the good words i appreciate it

    @ gautam, writing such blogs would require more such events dude hehe 😉

  9. Dear Shoaib,
    Congratulations for such a wonderful blog, the way you have listed the learning is applicable, as I was reading the blog I was remembering the experiences that we had from which we learnt these learning, it also reminded me of the fun we had, the petty fights & the emergence of solution.

    I was amazed to see your art of transferring those learning into word. Brother I was fortunate to work with you & our other UNISON core team members Akash, Ankit & Prateek. UNISON 2010 was a dream for us & finally we made it true.

    Great Job done

    Keep up the good work

    Sujay Bhonsle

  10. @sujay, exactly the best thing about Unison was on 10th & 11th April what was on papers for almost 3 months was happening right in front of our eyes. Unison 2010 will always be a dream-come-true-event for us.

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