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Be A Man – Start Here

a manly man how to be a man - Be A Man - Start Here

Gentlemen, a legend once said,

Being a male is a matter of birth, but being a man is a matter of choice!

You’ve been a male by birth for years and now its time to become the man. It starts with making better choices, good job with choosing to read this article by the way 😉. Here are the rest of the five choices that should be a good starting point,

1. Plan

Having a plan for the weekend is good but having a plan for the year, for the next 5 years, yes Sir, that is what it takes to be a man. A man with a plan is someone who can lead and not be distracted with all the noise around. If you think aimless men end with up with the beautiful girl (or success), you’ve been watching too many romcoms

2. Be financially responsible

Not having a lot of money is something you can work on changing but not being responsible with the money you already have is something you need to change right now! How you spend, what you save and where you invest is all in the purview of being financially responsible. You can start with some of my most favorite personal finance books here

3. Have a sense of humor

Toilet humor, poop jokes, cuss words – if your sense of humor revolves around that, you have a lot of work to do. Having a sense of humor and being able to make others laugh is a skill every man must try to cultivate. Brownie points with this is the fact that (not just) women adore someone with a good sense of humor

4. Be sensitive

No, not an emotional train wreck who cries for weeks after a breakup! Being sensitive is about having empathy and letting others know how you feel. You feel bad about something, let someone close to you know about it. Be expressive without being overly emotional

5. Exercise

Being physically fit and not a total slob goes a long way. You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life but there have been studies that show working out makes one feel happier and just overall more confident. When you feel better, others are going to feel that positive vibe that you bring around

Finally, here’s a bonus tip – its all about the right attitude. Nothing makes you a better man than the right attitude. Don’t be a jerk, be a man!

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