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Your Start Guide to Men’s Cologne

everything that you need to know about mens perfume cologne - Your Start Guide to Men's Cologne

This is one of those typical Urban Purush blogs that women won’t have any interest in. I hope that serves as a fair warning 😉

As men, we do realize between the two sexes, we are the ones that are more hairy, sweaty and stinky. 😒 However that doesn’t mean this can’t be managed. But why is this important you ask? Well in case you don’t know yet, body odor is one of the biggest turn offs for women. That’s why you see all that fuss on TV about deodorants. Always use one!

But then there are times we may want to up our game and use a cologne.

Now cologne and deodorant aren’t the same thing. Although both of them make sure you’re smelling good, they are still very different in their application and functioning. Cologne comes in 4 variants based on how concentrated they are and ultimately how strong they will smell. These are all French names,

types of cologne - Your Start Guide to Men's Cologne

1. Parfum

Or simply perfume. This is super concentrated at 40% (essence per fluid volume). There aren’t many parfum available for men out there. If you have one, you need to use very little of it unless you hate the people around you 😁

2. Eau De Parfum

At 15% concentration, EDP is not as strong as the parfum but still pretty effective. You don’t need much of this either

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3. Eau De Toilette

If you see 100 colognes in a store, it is likely that 75 of them are EDT. At 10% concentration, these are the ones that are sold the most and used the most

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4. Eau De Cologne

The least concentrated of the lot at around 7% concentration, an EDC may require application more than once on a long day as it will dissipate sooner

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Now that you understand the (horrible) nomenclature, lets understand the application of cologne. In simpler words, where do you apply the cologne? While deodorant is usually applied under arms and other areas (based on personal preferences), a cologne needs to be applied on pulse points.

where to apply mens cologne perfume edt 1 - Your Start Guide to Men's Cologne

Pulse Points

Pulse points are typically those areas of the body where the blood flow is higher than usual. These areas generate more heat and thus if the cologne is applied here it can disseminate effectively. The main pulse points are – neck, back of the wrists and ear lobes. Some experts also suggest wearing the cologne on hair and clothes. Oh and one last thing, wearing a cologne doesn’t mean you don’t have to use the deodorant.

Do share your side of the cologne story and confirm if its an EDT.

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