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Traffic Rules (and Indori Assumptions)

ranjeet singh indore traffic police - Traffic Rules (and Indori Assumptions)
This blog would have been incomplete without the mention of this one man named Ranjeet Singh. The celebrity Indore Traffic Police famous for his moves!

Prelude – Yay! Always wanted to use that word 😁. This blog was originally a comment from me one of the blogs about Traffic but since it is quite big of a comment, I thought of posting it on my blog as well!

Rules are meant to be broken. Whoever said that was definitely not talking about the traffic rules. I named this blog “Indori Assumptions” because I am from Indore and I used to be very ‘decent’ on the bike there. But then again ‘decent’ from an Indori perspective.

Here in Bangalore, I have already been fined thrice! 😁 I have now come to a conclusion that even if you follow all the traffic rules, ofcourse some rules have a few ‘Indori’ assumptions associated with them, you may still be fined in other cities. So here are the three assumptions that landed me into an interaction with the Bangalore traffic police

1. Yellow is Green!

yellow traffic light - Traffic Rules (and Indori Assumptions)

Yellow is actually a red signal for all the vehicles that are yet to move beyond the zebra crossing. So only the vehicles that managed to cross the zebra crossing (while the signal was green) should be crossing the road when the signal turns yellow.

Indori Assumption

The traffic policeman turns on the yellow light when he leaves for home. Yellow has nothing to do when its there between red and green, infact we can continue moving forward for the first ‘few’ seconds of red as well 😉. Oh and by the way, what is zebra crossing?

2. Left is free

no left turn traffic sign - Traffic Rules (and Indori Assumptions)

I have never seen a traffic signal for a left turn in Indore. Because of heavier traffic in other bigger cities, left turns are not free and you can take the turn only when the signal is green.

Indori Assumption

“Bhiya left se nikaal lo!”

3. What’s in the numbers?

parking signs - Traffic Rules (and Indori Assumptions)

Some areas in the city have a rule of allowing parking on particular dates/days. For example, one has to park on the left side of the road on odd dates and on the right side on even dates. There are other areas where you cannot park on weekends/holidays.

Indori Assumption

One can park anywhere one feels like or finds the suitable space. If you are at a place only for 5-10 minutes, you can park in “No Parking” as well 😎

I have been penalized for these three assumptions. I hope there are no other assumptions left in my ‘Indori’ mind as these cost a minimum of Rs. 100 every time 🙂

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  1. Shoaib Qureshi

    hi Nikita, you are right when you say driving in Indore isn't easy especially because of the roads that seem to be under construction till eternity!

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