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Rain, Assignments, Obama, Nostalgia

barack obama middle east tour - Rain, Assignments, Obama, Nostalgia

Last year around this time, it was pretty much the same situation. All of us (MBA Fall ’09 batch) were busy with the heavy dose of pre-term assignments which we had to submit on the first day of the college. I used to burn the mid-night oil working on assignments, similar to what I am doing these days. It was June and it was raining… Ah! Nostalgia…

So June, rain and assignments are pretty much in the same line this year too with the heavy pile of SIP (Summer Internship) report, SIP presentation, write-up and the University assignment being on top of my list of things to do before the college resumes. But what really made me do this blog was a news item that I recently read about Obama’s failure to handle the oil spill. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll mentions how half of those surveyed disapprove of Obama’s handling of the spill. Now that’s an interesting poll. How can someone who created history by winning the US elections in the most unorthodox fashion be disapproved just like that?

Since this blog is about nostalgia, I thought about how Obama was doing last year around this time? Voila! I recall making a presentation on Obama’s Middle East Initiative as part of my MBA pre-term assignments. That was the hottest thing on the tabloids those days. 3rd June to 6th June, 2009, Obama visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France and Germany. Obama’s trip was considered the beginning of the much needed “healing-the-wounds” initiative post the debacle of “Osama is hiding in Afghanistan” and “Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Nevertheless, I think if a poll was to be conducted by Wall Street Journal/NBC about the outcome of that trip today, many would disapprove of it too!

Is Obama all talk? Americans are the right people to answer.

With that being said, I think this is also the right place to share the video that I compiled for my presentation. Enjoy 😊

4 thoughts on “Rain, Assignments, Obama, Nostalgia”

  1. Nice blog post..adding on-
    Shoaib @ June 2011- 🙂
    I remember how fantastic were d college days we enjoyed for 2 continuous years..Beginning of clg, cultural events, regular walk, SIP's, (upcoming) colloquiums, fall 11 clash, freshers event, placement hug, akhiri chaupaal etc..

    Last 8-9 mnths to go, do enjoy at best man, just d last session of so called 'Jannat" period of clg life..
    We missing it hard.

  2. @manish, thanks for the idea of another blog for next year hehe. i too think that college days is the best part of life & thats why i try my best to enjoy as much as i can 🙂

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