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Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

Two of my most favorite ads involve an elevator, here’s the first one,


  1. Having a cute pup doesn’t make you a stud
  2. Being scared of pets isn’t always a bad thing

Personally, I am not into pets at all but those who are would agree that taking them along in the elevator isn’t a big deal. Well, yeah it isn’t a big deal, in fact, its good as long as it leads to situations like the one in the ad but this blog isn’t about pets, it’s about elevators! Now, if you work in an office where you need to use an elevator to reach your desk or stay in an apartment with one, you are going to like this blog for sure 😁

Let’s be honest, an elevator (or lift) is a silly little thing. You are in it every day for a few seconds with random strangers standing so close that you can feel their breath. This is a weird experience but there’s no escaping it and the only thing we can do is to try to make it better. Below are the 5 things, you should absolutely not be doing in an elevator.


in the elevator - Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

Stop looking at the girl! Now it is totally understandable that it might be the first time you are this close to someone as beautiful as that but dude you need to STOP looking at her! It is creepy and makes you look like a total douche.


in the elevator after smoke - Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

Smoking is macho and stylish. Oh yeah, and just like alcohol, it’s also the best thing you can do when you are in stress or partying.

Now you may be someone who thinks both the earlier sentences are correct and that’s fine, however, if you think your breath smells fantastic after you have had a cig… well that’s definitely something you’ve got wrong! Please have some mint before entering the elevator and make the life for people like me, who don’t smoke, a little easier.


singing loudly with headphone - Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

Please don’t sing that English song you are listening to on your headphones. We completely agree that your taste of music is awesome and you even know all the lyrics, you are such a rockstar but please find a stage for yourself. This little audience doesn’t deserve your performance!


big bagpack - Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

If you are carrying a backpack please be cautious about the people standing behind you. Take a look to ensure you are not choking the life out of them. Better yet, just take your backpack off, it doesn’t even take a minute to reach your floor.


peeping into someone elses phone - Top 5 things not to do in the elevator

Now just because I asked you to stop looking at the girl, it doesn’t mean you start peeping into her phone! Or anyone else’s phone for that matter. Oh and while we are at it don’t look into someone’s phone even if you are not in the elevator, that’s just plain bad mannerism.


Elevators can be odd and nobody knows what we are supposed to do in there except for looking at the door or the digital display. You can also try looking into your phone even if there are no new notifications. There is no right thing to do in the elevator and the least we can do is avoid the wrongs.

And if you have come this far, you deserve the second ad that I really like and it too includes an elevator 😀

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