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Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid 19 pandemic - Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many lives within such a short time. Governments around the world implemented strict measures to reduce the spread of the outbreak. Sadly, many businesses were unable to weather the storm and had to close their doors. Others lost their jobs as the economy was hit by these changes. However, some sectors remained resilient in the face of uncertainty. Here are the top jobs that thrived during the pandemic:

1. Manufacturing

manufacturing sector - Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

The manufacturing industry has seen a boom in recent times, especially firms handling health supplies and consumer goods. Medical supplies for workers in healthcare were scarce and so was personal protective equipment. The shortages were so high that some manufacturers had to retool their factories to produce products that were in demand. For instance, car manufacturers began to adapt to create ventilators for patients critically ill with the virus. Cosmetic companies and breweries adjusted to make hand sanitizers and meet the huge demand for this product. This massive surge in demand for healthcare supplies and consumer goods has led to a rise in jobs in the industry. There is a high demand for supervisors, line workers, warehouse workers, quality control specialists, manufacturing engineers, and more.

2. Technology and IT

technology and IT sector - Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

At the peak of the pandemic, many people were spending most of their time indoors using the Internet for leisure and work. Mobile apps, social media, websites, video conferencing, online ordering systems and other digital channels experienced high traffic as more people opt for online channels to connect and buy things to reduce in-person interactions. For these channels to operate smoothly, online platforms and tools require highly skilled web developers and IT professionals to handle the surge in users.

Most businesses are searching for web development teams to meet rising demand as well as troubleshoot problems that could arise in the process. Sites like offer resources to people who want to pursue a career in web designing. A user-friendly and functional channel is essential because it offers businesses and retailers a source of revenue even though their physical offices are not functional. 

IT specialists are also in high demand for remote work positions. Many tech businesses moved to remote work and this has made it possible for networking experts and data security professionals to thrive. These experts work around the clock to ensure that people can access the tools they require to work from home safely.

3. Telecommunications

telecommunications sector - Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

Most businesses switched to remote work and employees have been working from home. This change places a lot of pressure on the available telecommunications companies to provide reliable Internet services. Data plans were sustainable in the past, but with a home office, people prefer high-speed Internet. Service providers had to adapt to provide stable, fast, and secure internet service to these workers in small home networks. The companies were able to thrive because of the increased use of their services for communication to promote social distancing. Their demand for new IT staff also increased to ensure that people working from home get the best services. 

4. Banking and Finance 

banking and finance sector - Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

This industry also thrived during the peak of the pandemic and it still continues to do so. The outbreak made the economy nosedive so many businesses had to shut down. Financial markets plummeted as well even though they rebounded as the news about the virus was shared daily. Since many people are out of jobs, they have turned to financial experts in a bid to secure their financial future, access financial support, and protect their savings. Financial support like mortgage deferrals, meeting with investment specialists to discuss how they can protect their assets and retirement savings, and understanding how the lost income will affect their credit were some other reasons why people turned to the banking and finance industry. During this period, customer service professionals and financial advisors with experience in banking are in high demand as well. 


Despite disrupting the global economy, some jobs thrived at the peak of the pandemic. Manufacturers took up the challenge of producing supplies to meet the demand at the time. Carmakers resorted to making ventilators while cosmetic companies started to make sanitizers. The tech industry also experienced a boom and it managed to stay afloat. The dependence on tech made it possible for the industry to boom and this is likely to continue in the future.

artur - Top jobs that have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic

This is a guest post by Artur Meyster. Artur is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech. Email – [email protected]

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