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The Glory Days Syndrome

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Before anything else, it is important to understand what the glory days are.

The glory days. The school that was a second home. The friends we never thought would be out of reach one day. That girlfriend. That first kiss. Those feelings. Exams… well exams not so much. The summer vacations. Cricket. The friends. How simple was it all.
Then came the college days. Oh how we thought we have figured everything out. How we thought school was the best time. How we thought our best memories were behind us without realizing we were still between them. The coffee shops. Malls. Movies. Bunks. Parties. Classmates. Friendship had a caveat though because we knew, just like school, everyone will walk their own path after college. But little did we know that the best friendships for life come regardless.
Leaving home for a job or further studies could be tough but it didn't seemed so back then. Back then it was new and exciting. It was the starting of a new chapter. A new life. The initial time in a new city when you aren't a traveler but equally curious. The entire city was unexplored. Fresh.
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Have you noticed how sometimes reminiscing about the good old days can actually trigger painful emotions? The attitude that nothing in the future can ever live up to the past is the main cause of the Glory Days Syndrome.

It is futile to focus on the contrast between the past and the present. Instead we should try to connect the two. For instance a career choice you made in the past is surely connected to where you are today. It is best to use the past experiences to savor or cope with the present.

While it is okay to sometimes turn to old music, movies, places or games to revel in the past, always remember, the best is yet to come.

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