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Do you know what is the best thing about creating content?

For me, it has been the opportunity to work with people from different areas. It is astonishing how putting your work out there can open so many doors that you could have never thought of.

Over the years, my blogpodcastyoutube and instagram have helped me get discovered and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and organizations operating in various domains.

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Have a collaboration idea? Let’s execute it.

I believe the single biggest impediment with collaboration is the self-induced complexity. What devices do we need, which platform should we use, what do we want to achieve, what kind of content would work… don’t let questions like these hold you back. We don’t necessarily need to have answers to all of these. I have hosted several interviews and discussions for YouTube and my podcast, both in-person and online. I also host a weekly current affairs series on YouTube. My podcast, “Soya Says” focuses on Social Media, Side Hustle and Beyond. Then there are Instagram Lives, shoutouts and several other ways to collaborate on social media. Hit me up.

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Speaking Engagements

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I like to talk to people. That pretty much sums up my speaking engagements. I am a trained facilitator and have been part of school, college and corporate events be it moderating Q&A sessions or group discussions to full fledged high energy talks / keynotes on topics ranging from productivity, personal goals, career choices in IT industry to niche topics like blogging, youtube growth, social media hacks and literary anything you can find on my blog.

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Project Management related speaking gig? Check out PMC Lounge

Guest Posts

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Are you looking for an engaged audience, backlinks and exposure by publishing your article on an external website? Look no further. I have published several guest articles on this website and I am open to giving yours a shot too as long as it provides value to my readers.

– Article 1
– Article 2

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Do you need a background voiceover for a project? I am a trained public speaker, podcaster, youtuber and presenter. I can lend my voice for your project. Please include your requirements when you contact me.


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Want to start a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel? What topic should you create content on? What equipment would you need? Is it even worth the hard work and how much hard work would it actually take? All of these are preliminary questions on your content journey that I can help you navigate.

Maybe you are already a content creator and need some hand holding in order to realign your content focus. Let’s talk!

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Project Management -

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Project Management is my passion.

At you will find hundreds of videos and articles that I have created over the years. If you want to get in touch with me regarding a project management speaking gig, PMP certification or any other project management consultation engagement, contact here.

This page is created to give you an idea on the kind of things we can work on together. If you have any other feedback or want to contact me for marketing, business and other opportunities, drop a note to [email protected]. If you fancy a form, go over to the contact page