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Shoes. Why do they matter?

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Isn’t the main function of shoes just to cover your feet and protect you from the seasons, the roads and everything else? Some 5000 years ago this was probably true!

Gentlemen, in this day and age, shoes are considered one of the first few things women notice about men. You don’t want to be wearing all scuffed unpolished shoes when she looks at them for the first time because that leads to a bad first impression. In fact, if you follow men’s style magazines, websites and videos you would have probably heard the saying, “If eyes are the window to the soul, shoes are the window to your style.”

Below are the three reasons why you should pay attention to your shoes starting today.

why are shoes important brown - Shoes. Why do they matter?

1. Women notice shoes

Let’s face it, we men are basically slobs. The only time we take care of ourselves is when we think someone is going to take note. Otherwise a pair of boxers, a tee and pizza are good enough to spend the rest of our lives. But if that someone who’s gonna ‘take note’ is from the opposite sex, we step out of our caves and make sure we put our best foot forward. Your shoes are the first thing on your foot and she is going to take notice. Women noticing shoes is itself a reason enough to pay attention to them. Do not wear black formal shoes on jeans, do not wear sports shoes on formal trousers, stop thinking that sports shoes and casual shoes are the same, make sure your shoes and belt are from the same color family and you are good to go.

why are shoes important black - Shoes. Why do they matter?

2. Communicating the right message

Shoes happen to be the starting point of your style. The right shoes paired with the right clothing conveys the right message. It communicates that you are someone who pays attention to detail and appearance. Picture two men, one with roughed up shoes and the other with a shining pair sitting in the same coffee shop. Which of the two do you think properly maintains most other things in his life (including shoes)?

why are shoes important boots - Shoes. Why do they matter?

3. Shoes are an investment

Let’s say you buy an expensive pair of jeans. How long will they last? Well, that is subjective. What if you put on 10 kgs? Will the clothes still fit? Of course not. Now let’s say you buy an expensive pair of shoes and put on 10 kgs. Will the shoes still fit? Absolutely yes! An adult man’s shoe size remains the same his entire life. Gentlemen, shoes are an investment and the compliments are the returns they fetch 😉

Finally, remember that shoes are a man’s best friend, treat them with similar love and affection.

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