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Books I ♥

In my teens and early tweens, I would rather watch paint dry than read books! Yeah, that’s how boring I thought reading was. Looking back now, how I wish I had seen the light sooner! If you are nodding along thinking reading’s a snooze, this blog is tailor-made for you.

Below, I have rounded up some absolute gems—books I have devoured, adored, and raved about to anyone who’ll listen. To ensure that the list doesn’t become an endless pit, I have focused solely on my top three most favorite genres: self-help, history, and personal finance. These are the books I swear by!

By the way, if you are more of a visual learner, check out the Book Summaries YouTube Playlist.

Self Help

book mans search for meaning - Books I ♥

Man's Search for Meaning

Author - Viktor Frankl

book 48 laws of power - Books I ♥

The 48 Laws of Power

Author - Robert Greene

book deep work - Books I ♥

Deep Work

Author - Cal Newport

book the game - Books I ♥

The Game

Author - Neil Strauss

book eat that frog - Books I ♥

Eat That Frog

Author - Brian Tracy

book dont sweat - Books I ♥

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Author - Richard Carlson

book 4 hour work week - Books I ♥

The 4-Hour Work Week

Author - Timothy Ferris

book lie with stats - Books I ♥

How to Lie with Statistics

Author - Darrell Huff

book built to sell - Books I ♥

Built to Sell

Author - John Warrillow

book one minute mgr - Books I ♥

The One Minute Manager

Author - Kenneth Blanchard

Self Help: Book Summary Videos (Hindi)


book genghis khan - Books I ♥

Genghis Khan

Author - Jack Weatherford

book tamerlane - Books I ♥


Author - Justin Marozzi

book gandhi - Books I ♥

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Author - Louis Fischer

book nastik - Books I ♥

Main Nastik Kyun Hoon

Author - Bhagat Singh

book death of democracy - Books I ♥

The Death of Democracy

Author - Benjamin Carter Hett

book aurangzeb - Books I ♥


Author - Audrey Truschke

book muhammad - Books I ♥


Author - Martin Lings

book heroes of islam - Books I ♥

The Heroes of Islam

Author - Muhammad Esma'il Sieny

book plassey - Books I ♥


Author - Sudeep Chakravarti

History: Book Summary Videos (Hindi)

Personal Finance

book think and grow rich - Books I ♥

Think and Grow Rich

Author - Napolean Hill

book rich dad poor dad - Books I ♥

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author - Robert Kiyosaki

book money tony robbins - Books I ♥

Money Master the Game

Author - Tony Robbins

book richest man in babylon - Books I ♥

The Richest Man in Babylon

Author - George Clason

book wealthy barber - Books I ♥

The Wealthy Barber

Author - David Chiltonl

book psy of money - Books I ♥

The Psychology of Money

Author - Morgan Housel