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Welcome to this little part of the internet that I like to call *drums roll* My Personal Website! And no, I am not a budding actor or photographer… I am your average guy next door (trying to make sure you don’t find this description boring) doing a job in the IT industry after completing Engineering and MBA.

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Farm Bills and Farmer Protests | क्यों सड़कों पर उतरे देश के किसान, ConCall with @abhi_shinde

Forty years ago, America had a cap of over 230,000 people it would accept as refugees. By last year, that cap had gradually come down to 18,000 and it may go further down this year.

It looks like Brazil's city named Manaus has achieved herd immunity after 66% population got infected

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Doctor, Love is a story of Tanya – a young, passionate, career-oriented Doctor in Delhi. She practices in two of the biggest hospitals in the city and is also considering getting a Ph. D. While the book doesn’t really aim at telling a love story, I won’t blame you if you feel like it does flirt with the idea of one. Our protagonist is single and marriage isn’t really a priority for her.

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