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Hungry & Alone? Help is here!

If you are someone who lives alone, far away your from home, there is one question you have definitely been asked by every new person you meet,

“So do you cook yourself or how do you manage?”

Legit question! And if you are someone like me who can only cook instant noodles, it becomes an even more difficult question to answer because you are definitely not cooking at home. After the initial hustle of trying eating joints, Cooks and tiffin services, I am sure you will land in a manageable position to be able to answer this question. But breakfast, evening snacks and late night eats could still be a concern. What do you do when you want to eat something late night while watching a movie on your laptop or when you want a quick breakfast fix? I am sure this isn’t a question someone would ask but I have answers for you nonetheless 😉

Below are 3 ideas for super-quick-short-eats that will make your life much easier and none of them involve any kind of cooking,

banana and yogurt - Hungry & Alone? Help is here!

1. Banana + Vanilla Yogurt

I love yogurt! If you love it too, try adding a few slices of banana and you are good to go. Yogurt usually comes in Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango and some other flavors but I prefer vanilla.

  • Companies selling yogurt – Britannia, Danone
  • When to eat – Breakfast
  • Calories check – I found this breakfast idea on a dieting website so this shouldn’t make you worry about calories
chips and mayo - Hungry & Alone? Help is here!

2. Tortilla Chips + Mayonnaise

Are you into mayonnaise? If yes, try having it with tortilla chips or any other chips-like-snacks for that matter. You will be surprised how delicious this can turn out.

  • Companies selling tortilla chips – My personal choice is Senor Pepito. Cornitos Nacho Crisps are equally good. Even if you don’t find these, go for the usual Uncle Chips, Lays and other endless snacks options that are easily available.
  • Companies selling mayonnaise – Sil, Fun Foods
  • When to eat – Late nights, after office hours, whenever you feel like
  • Calories check – Let’s face it, this stuff is calories-heavy. If you are too conscious, you may want to avoid it or at least try the non-fat variants of mayonnaise
indian snacks - Hungry & Alone? Help is here!

3. Munchies

There are tons of munchies options available at your local superstore. They are all the ready-to-eat stuff that is usually served with tea for guests back at your home. Living alone means you hardly have guests coming over! Yes, friends do visit but they don’t really expect anything except a glass of hygienic drinking water!

  • Companies selling munchies – Haldiram tops my list. From selling peanuts to bhel and from sev to moong dal, you name it and Haldiram has it. My favorites are the bikaner aloo bhujiya and mini bakarwadi. Lehar also has a few options if you want to checkout
  • When to eat – Late nights, whenever you feel like
  • Calories check – Eating these should be okay as long as you are not having half kg every day!

So those are my three tried, tested and tasted options for everyone who’s living alone. Give them a try and let me know if you have any suggestions/additions for this list.

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