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From a Job in the IT Industry to Full-Time Travel Blogging

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Discussion with Rajiv Verma on his journey of leaving job and becoming a full time Travel Blogger


– 00:00 How did Rajiv left his job in an IT MNC to become a full time Travel Blogger in the North East?

– 05:19 How to become a travel blogger?

– 07:09 How much should you invest in your blog on SEO, marketing etc?

– 09:16 Should you have a social media strategy for sharing your blog posts?

– 12:35 How important is photography for travel blogging?

– 14:24 How should one enjoy a place instead of being glued to instagramming and grabbing selfies?

– 16:12 What are the top 3 places every Indian should visit once in a lifetime?

– 21:23 What are the must try food items in North East India?

– 23:07 What is the one must read travel book?

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