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2 thoughts on “3 reasons why I deleted my Facebook (and you should too)”

  1. Nice initiative! I too feel that hate and negativity is too much on Facebook..and You tube does the same by showing same videos in my feed..most of the hatred in this world is due to social media only….Time to be more in Moment and Real World than Virtual…At the end it’s our responsibility not to be triggered by rumour posts and past , be more responsible as Humans..Kindness is the Key! ..Love is all we Need!!

    1. All social media platforms are guilty of this. End of the day their goal is to make sure that we spend as much time on their platform as possible. But facebook is at a different level because this is now a part of their business model. I would also name two Netflix documentaries here, check them out if time permits – The Social Dilemma & The Great Hack. But yes totally agree, love & kindness is the only solution

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