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Are vloggers business owners?

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They can be. But the more appropriate term for a vlogger is a ‘content creator’. In the World of Internet, there is a not-so-fine line between a Content Creator and a Business Owner.

A Content Creator’s work ends at the content itself. A vlogger is essentially creating content. He may not own a business. He may not be an influencer (as he might not be big enough to ‘influence’ yet). If you post online, you are creating content. But an important commercial aspect is that the content could be sponsored too. Businesses may hire successful Content Creators, big enough to influence, for marketing.

A Business Owner, on the other hand, might also be creating content. He could very well be an ex-Content Creator. But his reason of posting content is for you to get to know his business and buy the products or services he has to offer. A Business Owner’s work doesn’t end at the content because, unlike a Content Creator, a Business Owner has products or services to sell.

Now is this a big deal? Does this distinction even matter? Yes and yes. When you know which side of the fence you are currently positioned, you can be more strategic about what you share. As a Content Creator, you might want to show more of your fun side and initiate relationships with the goal to ‘influence’. As a Business Owner, you might want to engage and deepen relationships with the goal of converting your audience into customers. Content Creators go wide. Business Owners go deep.

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