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A discussion on Entrepreneurship and Social Media

In this video, I sit down with Manish Vaswani who runs a Digital Ad Agency named Fullscoop


– 00:00 What is the official title of an entrepreneur?

– 01:02 Story of Fullscoop – Digital Ad Agency

– 02:32 How did entrepreneurship begin for Manish

– 03:48 What are the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship?

– 04:44 How difficult is it to detach yourself from your enterprise to ensure smooth functioning?

– 06:14 What do entrepreneurs generally lack that lead to failure of majority of startups?

– 07:30 Do entrepreneurs suffer from shining object syndrome?

– 09:32 Typically sales has a negative connotation attached to it, how can entrepreneurs make sure they present the product in a positive manner?

– 10:58 What social media platform must businesses target for digital marketing?

– 13:29 How to keep track of social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube) algorithms?

– 15:08 Will the majority of internet traffic become video in the near future?

– 16:52 One mark questions!

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