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You are Agile and you don’t know!

agile - You are Agile and you don't know!

I have a Project Management website. A YouTube channel accompanies it. They are both called PMC Lounge. PMC stands for Project Management Certifications. The reason I bring all this up as an introduction to this blog is the fact that these days we are covering Agile topics. And before you run away thinking this is going to be some technical write-up, I promise it isn’t 😃

Agility is nothing but the ability to understand and adapt quickly. ‘Quickly’ being the keyword there. The quicker you are, the more agility you possess. From there on, it should be an easy corollary that agility is directly proportional to how comfortable you are in dealing with changes.


After you’ve read that last sentence again, ask yourself, how agile are you really? How comfortable are you in dealing with changes?

I’ll be the first to answer, I am pathetic at that. Your answer could be along the same lines. But take a look at the rear view mirror. Look at how far you’ve come. Chances are you might have started something new. A new business. A new job. Switched jobs. Shifted cities. Gotten Married. Ended a Relationship or started one. Became Parents! All of these are examples that bring with them tremendous personal life changes that we endure and even excel at.

johari window - You are Agile and you don't know!
Johari Window

Agility is the enemy of the comfort zone. All of us possess it. Its a matter of how self-aware we are or where it falls in our personal Johari Window. From there on it is a function of how often and at what magnitude do we deploy it.

Take your next change head on. Draw inspiration from how far you’ve come.

Here’s an excellent example of being agile 😉

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