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Accessories maketh the man

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Gentlemen, accessories are extremely important and one should think of them as the accessories on a car. A brand new car looks incomplete without some accessories and wrong accessories are going to worsen the case. So keep in mind that accessories are completing your look and the wrong ones are going to spoil the entire ensemble.

This blog suggests 3 accessories that can find their way in your wardrobe but before delving into that let’s quickly understand the prerequisites that must already be present there. These are my personal choices and may differ based on your age, lifestyle and personal preferences.

The Pre-requisites

mens accessories - Accessories maketh the man

a) Watch

Every man should have at least one wrist watch even if he is not into them. If it’s your first wrist watch, go with a silver tone metal or black leather strap as these are most versatile. Avoid the golden color for your first one

b) Belt

Two belts at the least. A black formal leather belt and a casual belt which isn’t black. Avoid wearing your black formal belt with jeans or colored chinos

c) Tie

A tie can take up your everyday office wear and instantly move it to the next level of formality. Own at least one tie. If it’s your first one, go with a solid black or stripes of neutral colors. Your first tie shouldn’t be a paisley or a bow

d) Wallet

Now you may have had a great time on your first date, you made her laugh, you kept things casual and it was way too much fun. But now you take out your wallet to pay the bill and she notices how roughed up it is. About time to get a new one. A wallet speaks volumes about you and you just cannot afford to compromise on its quality. Avoid anything flashy unless you are a college student

e) Sunglasses

Nothing combines style and functionality in a man’s wardrobe like a pair of sunglasses. Simple rule – if your face is kind of circular like Leonardo DiCaprio, go with squarer sunglasses and wayfarers, if your face is more of a rectangle like Ben Affleck go with aviators and if your face shape is anything else (aka triangular, heart shaped, oval, oblong, almond, George Clooney-esque) almost all sunglasses should look good

Now let’s talk about the 3 additions to the accessories box.

1. Cufflinks

mens cufflinks - Accessories maketh the man

Do not and I repeat DO NOT use the default ones that you get with a new french cuff shirt. If these are your first ones go with a simple sterling silver pair. Please note that french cuff shirts are meant to be formal and the cufflinks must respect the formal milieu. Avoid anything remotely casual

2. Collar stays

mens collar stays - Accessories maketh the man

Depending on the quality of collar stays that come by default with your shirt you may or may not want to use them. These may be invisible but will make sure your collar stays (as the name goes) where it is supposed to. Not every shirt, especially the casual ones, will have openings for them but always keep a pair of metal collar stays handy. Avoid magnetic versions, they can be an unnecessary pain in the, well, neck!

3. Pocket squares

mens pocket square - Accessories maketh the man

Pocket squares are timeless. They are classic and you must own a couple. Now pocket squares, cufflinks and neckties usually come in combos. You don’t necessarily need to match them infact you can always go with a white pocket square for your first one as it will gel with almost any outfit. Keep it subtle and avoid in-your-face designs

And thats about it. Again, there are no fixed rules when it comes to men’s accessories and your choices may be totally different based on age, lifestyle and personal preferences. I would love to know your take on men’s accessories in the comments. Also, below are a few recommended ones for you,

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