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The Right Track

I recently blogged about The Big Picture.

But then I had a follow-up thought. It deserves a blog of its own.

So what if we have the big picture and it turns out that it is not something we want? What if we don’t like what we see?

Our first mistake was to cover some distance on a track that we thought was correct since we didn’t have the big picture. And that’s okay because such mistakes are more common than we may think. Ex-President Abdul Kalam graduated in Physics only to realize that he should have studied Aerospace Engineering to achieve his career goal.

The bigger mistake would have been for Mr. Kalam to not study Aerospace Engineering after his graduation. But he did his double graduation and studied Aerospace Engineering. Rest is history.

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Of course it is difficult to get on a track. It takes efforts to cover some distance. But not changing tracks even when you know you aren’t on the right one is a bigger mistake. Staying on the wrong track won’t make it right. Imagine if Mr. Kalam pursued a Post Graduation in Physics and not Aerospace Engineering, that would have cost our nation a World class scientist and one of the most influential Presidents of all time.

Having the big picture is great for a start. Ensuring you are on the right track and making course correction if needed is equally, if not more, important.

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