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Year of the Iced Americano

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I rarely take any days off in the last week of December.

The primary reason for that is the fact that everyone else is out anyways so I don’t feel like wasting my leaves on days when there’s no work to begin with 😉

One thing I always ensure though is that I have my spreadsheets for the next year ready. This includes the plans, goals, action items and the purpose really for the coming year. The spreadsheets cover areas like career, health, hobbies, education, personal finance among others. Important to note that I may miss 15-20% of the goals that I shoot for but that doesn’t matter. What matters is to be able to focus on progress, to be able to articulate a plan for the coming year and not get bogged down by fickle mindedness. Writing down your goals and not being able to achieve them is still better than not even starting just because you strive for flawlessness and 100% success rate. Kaizen is the word baby.

PS – This practice was usually accompanied with a Hot Chocolate until last year, but 2022 has been the year of the Iced Americano!

PPS – If you want to know more about creating goals, I would recommend this podcast episode – How to create goals (for beginners)

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