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She responded to both their messages with an ‘okay’ and a smiley. She had taken the decision. She would be going.

Cut to 12:30. Tanya was waiting in Westin’s elevator lobby. The large opulent mirror to her right complimented her maroon dress perfectly paired with the same shade on her lips. She reached the 6th floor and looked for poolside. There were very less people in the restaurant. She spotted Luv waving at her with his friendly smile. Her brain declared that Luv’s crisp white shirt, light blue jeans and cleanly tamed hair made him look much less frivolous than she had imagined. ‘Thank you for coming Doctor,’ he pulled the chair for her, evidently rejoiced. Tanya immediately gave him chivalry and suave points in her head. ‘I cannot believe you are here,’ Luv couldn’t contain his excitement as he took his seat. ‘Even I cannot believe that I am here. So what happened to your knee all of a sudden?’ she chuckled. ‘My knee got very nervous as Sunday came around. It really wanted to meet the magical Doctor who had treated it with so much care. So it decided that it needs to do something to make sure the Doctor shows up.’ ‘I didn’t know your knee could type a message,’ they shared a laugh.

After a few minutes of small talk, Luv asked her if she would like to have the special mac and cheese pasta. Tanya wasn’t a pasta fan but since it was the place’s specialty she agreed to it. Luv placed the order. By the looks of it, Tanya felt as if the waiter already knew what the order would be. And when the order came in fairly quickly, she was even more puzzled. Nonetheless, she loved the delicious pasta and accompaniments.

‘This is like the best pasta I’ve ever had,’ she exclaimed almost salivating. ‘Thanks, this is like the best compliment I’ve ever got,’ he promptly responded. Tanya was a little confused when Luv disclosed, ‘I am the head Chef here. I prepared this pasta before you arrived.’ Tanya was surprised and impressed at the same time, ‘I could have never guessed that you were a Chef and that too this good. Thank you for putting this entire setup into perspective.’

‘You see Doctor, cooking is my craft. I want to be the Muhammad Ali of cooking. People tell me that the girl who marries me will be very happy. Even if she is a gorgeous-looking-always-busy-Doctor, I can easily take care of the kitchen and serve delicious food every day,’ he claimed. ‘So you want me to believe that people specifically give that ‘gorgeous-looking-always-busy-Doctor’ example?’ she playfully questioned. It was obvious that in her heart she was growing fonder of the Chef. Luv couldn’t take his eyes off the Doctor devouring the pasta with relish.

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