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Doctor, Love: Page 7

It was obvious that Luv was love-struck. Most of his day was spent stalking all of Tanya’s social media profiles. He was bowled over by everything from her wavy curls that loosely fell on her face to her warm touch, from her big kohled eyes to the way she spoke. He had already raved about her to his friend during the day even declaring that he was in love. He also shared how the song ‘Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahein’ automatically played in the background every time she was around. He didn’t differentiate Bollywood from life much. All he wanted to do was to thank the Doctor and somehow win her over. After all, he truly believed that she did save his life.

Back at home, Tanya did justify in her mind how she wasn’t unfair with Luv on his sweet-little-nothing-gestures and how she had more important issues to think through. That’s when she received Parag’s text, ‘Boarding the train to home. Goodnight Tani.’ She hadn’t slept a minute last night. She was too pensive to be able to sleep tonight as well. Her first decision was whether she should try to sleep or for the nth time think about how she can take her relationship ahead.

Instead she called up Urvashi, something she always did whenever she felt miserable. Tanya told her about Parag’s home visit and how desolated she felt by it. Urvashi believed in calling a spade – a spade. ‘What is Parag doing to take your relationship forward?’ she threw a spade. Tanya didn’t want to believe that the answer to the question was ‘nothing’ but was rendered speechless. Urvashi then brought up how he was actually looking at possible life partners instead of finding a solution to their relationship problems while Tanya was wasting her sleep. She advised her not to overthink.

Tanya did get a couple of hours of sleep before the Alarm Clock1 rudely woke her up. As she headed to the hospital today, she wondered what Luv would be up to. She had a good reason to think about Luv, it was his infectious smile. She checked into the hospital and went to Luv’s ward but to her surprise she didn’t find anyone there except an action figure standing atop a piece of paper. Caught off the guard, she grabbed the paper and opened it up, ‘Thanks for all the care Tanya. I am bad at goodbyes so leaving without one. I wish our paths cross again someday. Please accept Kenshiro as a gift.’

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