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Doctor, Love: Page 8

Her heart skipped a beat. Before she could comprehend the situation, Luv whisked out of the bathroom. ‘Surprise!’ Tanya realized how it was a hospital and her patient wouldn’t be discharged without her knowledge. In an attempt to control her expressions and not pass on the tiniest hint of a smile, she came up with a question in a nick of time, ‘What is Kenshiro?’

Luv walked up to the bed and laid down while explaining who Kenshiro was and how his action figure kept him motivated in mundane places like the hospital. In the meantime, Tanya did a medical check scrutinizing his leg and knee movements. She informed him that he was free to go home but should be careful not to strain his knee much for a few days. Luv obviously didn’t want his love story to end like that. He gallantly made a proposal, ‘Doctor, this may sound ridiculous but it’s my last chance and I want to take it. Can I ask you out for lunch?’

Tanya stared at him point blank. ‘Are you asking me to join you for lunch OR are you asking if you CAN ask me to join you for lunch?’ she slyly asked. ‘Both’ came the prompt response. She immediately adjusted her tone, ‘I am a Doctor, and I am not supposed to be having lunch with my patients. That is unprofessional.’ He knew that was coming and had a response to it ready, ‘But I am not your patient from today. Please. Achha, can you tell me you will atleast consider a 12:30 PM Sunday lunch with me at Westin?’ That was much more direct than she expected. ‘I will be waiting for you on the poolside table on 6th floor,’ he gasped. ‘Well you seem to know the place quite a bit,’ she blurted. ‘Yes I sure do Doctor,’ he chuckled. ‘Great. But I need to go now Luv, you take care,’ Tanya grabbed her papers before leaving. Luv spoke to himself, ‘Shayad aaj paltegi… palat…’ and the Doctor was out of sight by then.

Tanya’s rest of the day was busy as usual. That night, Urvashi called in to check on her. She told her about Luv and his unusual lunch invite. Upon further investigation, she did admit that Luv is charming, funny and good-looking. He is almost the ideal city-guy. But still she wasn’t sold on the lunch idea and was obviously not going. She reminded Urvashi that she was committed to Parag. ‘I am so jealous right now. Charming guys are approaching and trying to woo you and I already feel like a married aunty,’ Urvashi sounded rueful. Tanya, avoiding a blush, did think about Luv for a while. Indeed he was sweet but from his medical file she knew he was two years younger. Would she date someone younger was then a question. She didn’t even have his number. She asked if it would be too rude not to show up on Sunday. ‘Ofcourse it will be rude. How can you turn down such a well thought out invitation? Your knight in the shining fauji dress, Mr Parag, is anyways busy checking out other girls, while this is just a lunch with a grateful patient for saving his life,’ Urvashi answered enthusiastically. ‘Come on Urvashi, ‘saving his life’ is a bit too much. That guy is clumsy. It was a minor knee injury, nothing else. I am pretty sure I won’t be going,’ Tanya was quite adamant. ‘You have time till Sunday to think of, just saying,’ reminded Urvashi.

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