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Doctor, Love: Page 2

Tanya and Parag would rarely meet. Blame their profession and their different cities. But Tanya still yearned for those times reminiscing how Parag took her breath away when she was in the North-East on her medical internship. The daily meet-up, the soothing conversations, the scenic beauty, the weather, everything was just perfect. Their pictures, that she had so sacredly preserved, were enough remembrance for her to fall in love with him all over again. How she wished they could meet more often in the mountains. Not necessarily because she loved the mountains but because it would help resolve their differences that have been only getting worse.

Although Tanya’s daily humdrum was enough to forget things, it didn’t help forget what Parag mentioned a few days ago. She liked it in the city. Yes, it did get crazy at times but she was a young, energetic, independent and career-oriented woman with bold dreams. She would never leave the city life and move in with him in the North-East. That has been the cause of distress between the two and impeding their relationship from taking the ‘next step’.

Today, its only lunch time and she has already ignored two phone calls from Parag. While her mind still debated with her heart on whether to return his call, Urvashi’s text pops up, ‘Parag called me, why are you not answering his calls?’ Actually, ‘indifference’ was Tanya’s forte. Certainly very effective in making others go nuts. After much deliberation, she decides to make the call.

‘Why are you not receiving my calls?’ uncomfortable silence filled in for a couple of seconds. ‘It’s a busy day. What was so important?’ she growled as her tone of indifference took the lead. ‘Look, I find all possible breaks just to give you a call and its so disappointing when you don’t even receive,’ he was clearly unhappy. She didn’t want to respond to that and kept quiet. He continued, ‘Okay leave it. Have you decided anything yet?’ she knew she had to respond now, ‘Parag, would you leave everything and move to Delhi with me?’ she was almost certain of the upcoming response. She only wanted to pacify her decision. ‘You already know I cannot do it even if I wanted to. We’ve had this discussion earlier Tani and I really want you to take a decision soon.’ ‘What’s the hurry?’ she inquired. ‘My parents. They want me to get married this year. I have been asking them to wait for more than two years now. I need to tell them what my plans are.’ Tanya was quite startled. This was the first time he mentioned about his parents wanting him to get married soon.

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