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Doctor, Love: Page 13

After finishing their food and hearty conversations, Luv asked if coffee would be fine. She agreed and soon came the coffee. ‘Isn’t that too much sugar,’ the Doctor in her questioned his non-stop-sugar-pouring in his coffee. ‘Life mein bahut kadwahat hai Doctor sahiba, cheeni zyada rakho.’ Tanya wasn’t sure if she understood that line.

After they were done with the coffee and beignets, it was time to call it a day. Luv signaled a waiter for something while Tanya was taking a look at the pool. The waiter brought an exotic bouquet of red roses and handed it over to Luv. ‘You didn’t accept one in the hospital so I thought I will try again today. It is for saving my life Doctor,’ he said. ‘Oh-ho, this is totally unnecessary. What’s with the flowers anyway?’ she questioned accepting the bouquet. ‘Flowers have good sentimental value you know,’ he answered smirking.

‘But you do know that you weren’t dying that day right?’ she asked. ‘Handling patients is a daily chore for you Tanya. You might not realize how big of an ordeal it was for me to be in that ICU for the first time ever.’ Tanya realized she was looking into Luv’s passionate gaze as he earnestly continued, ‘You comforted me in my worst time and that holds a very special place in my heart. You treated me right Doctor, and as a Chef, I wanted to make sure I treat you right too with this lunch. Yes, wishing that you would come for lunch was a big thing but we don’t wish for the easy stuff do we? We wish for the big things. And I believe if we wish well enough, those big things do come true. There is one more thing that I wish Tanya…’

By now Luv was sinking deep into Tanya’s big kohled eyes. She was frozen. Her heart beating frantically. She wanted him to continue speaking; for the romantic in her had never soared higher. That’s when he cheekily interrupted, ‘Can you hear that?’

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