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Doctor, Love: Page 10

‘I feel you don’t want to make this work anymore.’

‘What are YOU doing to make this work Parag?’ she asked petulantly. She knew she had every right to question.

‘If it has come down to keeping count on who is doing what then I guess there is no point taking this relationship forward,’ he was panting.

‘I think your guess is correct, have a happy bride hunting,’ a shiver went down her spine as she abruptly disconnected the call.

The phone slid from her trembling hand. She was heartbroken. Hope had crashed. Pain speared her. She shrank back in her bed and pushed her fist against her mouth to keep her sobs back. Tears poured down her cheeks. She looked at the phone for some time hoping for a call back or a text but it was all futile. She was devastated.

Half an hour later, she made a few calls to take an emergency day off. She also called up Urvashi who immediately left for Tanya’s place. The two women spent the day together. From consoling to pointing to the better things in life, Urvashi testified how she can turn the World upside down to make things right for her BFF.

‘Tanya, the best relationships come with easy compromises. What he expected from you wasn’t an easy compromise. Forget him. Let’s discuss the elephant in the room.’ Tanya was confused, ‘What elephant?’ ‘You absolutely need to go and meet Luv. Day after tomorrow is Sunday and I am not going to be hearing no for an answer,’ Urvashi was as pushy as an insurance agent. ‘I am in no mood for that.’ ‘Come on Tanya, I am not asking you to commit to another relationship. I just want you to have some good transitional time. Ever since Parag happened, you have ignored men with all your might. It’s time to let loose a bit. How long are you going to mourn like this?’ Tanya thought for a second, ‘I am in no mood to discuss this Urvashi,’ and she clearly wasn’t. Urvashi thought it’s best to leave the topic at that.

Later in the evening, Urvashi took Tanya to her favorite Chinese restaurant. She even told her husband how she was going to be spending the night at Tanya’s. Tanya thought that was an overkill but didn’t mind much. They talked and talked till the wee hours of morning before dozing off.

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