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Doctor, Love: Page 11

‘Alarm Clock1’ woke both of them up in the morning. Urvashi groaned how she hated the alarm tone. Tanya decided to finally change it. She fiddled with her phone for some time before changing the tone to ‘spring’. It felt like a new start. Both of them soon went off to their work.

It was another usual busy day for Tanya. She didn’t even remember Parag for most of it. Urvashi called her in the evening and asked her to catch up at a nearby mall for some shopping. In her mind, Urvashi wanted her to buy a new dress for her ‘lunch date’ tomorrow. She took Tanya to her favorite store. That way, Tanya could passively select something. The plan worked. After some trundling between the trial room and the racks, Tanya did select a maroon dress. Post shopping, both decided to take a quick bite at a nearby food joint. That’s where Urvashi brought the topic up again, ‘Tanya, are you one hundred percent sure you don’t want to go tomorrow for lunch with the charming patient?’

‘Yes,’ she grunted. Although Tanya was having second thoughts at this point. ‘Well that’s too bad because I am busy with my husband tomorrow, so you are on your own. I would still suggest that you should go.’ ‘Let me take a decision in the morning,’ she still sounded reluctant.

Next morning her new alarm tone woke Tanya up. She recalled changing the tone and felt happy about it. Usually her Sundays began with checking her social media profiles. To her astonishment, she had received a message from Luv, who wasn’t in her friend list ofcourse. The message read – ‘Hi Doctor, sorry for stalking your profile. Just wanted to let you know that my knee has got worse today. I know you don’t work on Sundays but it’s an emergency case, almost a matter of life and death! Can you come to Westin, 6th floor Italian restaurant, poolside table? I will somehow deal with the pain till 12:30 :-)’

Tanya couldn’t hold back her grin. Before she could decide how to respond, she got a text from Urvashi – ‘Your new maroon dress is perfect. Reminding you in case you decide to meet Luv. Who knows he could be your happily-ever-after. Just saying.’ Tanya wondered, ‘Can a ‘guy’ who made such a fuss about an ordinary scrape really be her happily-ever-after?’

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