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Doctor, Love: Page 4

It was morning already. She headed to the hospital and, as fate would have it, was immediately called to the Intensive Care Unit. It was the usual drill for the Doctor as she performed the initial checks on this young man. Although he didn’t fit into her definition of a ‘man’.

‘Nurse, I need to leave tomorrow by all means. I hope you are not going to be using any of your tools on me right?’ his voice was loud but feeble, full of concern and fear. ‘Don’t worry it’s a minor scratch on your knee. You are here because all accidents usually end up in the ICU. I will see when you can be discharged based on how you heal,’ she tried calming him.

‘So I don’t need an operation right?’ he was still concerned and the tense creases on his forehead were a proof. ‘Like I said, it’s a minor scratch. You should not need an operation. Please let us examine to see if there is anything else we should be treating,’ this was the very reason why she didn’t liked ‘guys’. And this one was more of a ‘guy’ than any other ‘guy’ she had earlier treated.

‘My entire life is in your hands Nurse. I hope I can walk like I used to?’ he fumbled. She was genuinely considering anesthesia shot by now. ‘Relax, it’s a minor injury. You will be all right,’ she replied trying her best not to lose her cool. ‘So that means I will be out of here by tomorrow, right Nurse?’ he was amok!

Tanya has had enough. She hadn’t slept a single minute last night, her relationship was on the rocks and this patient with a minor knee injury was creating way too much drama than he should. She asked her helping Nurse to run an errand. As the Nurse went away, she said, ‘Sir, it is a minor injury and we are still trying to understand if you have any other serious internal injuries. You are alive. Not even unconscious. It will be better for both of us if you let me do my job. But if you cannot keep quiet, I will have to give you an anesthesia shot. And for God sake I am not a Nurse, I am the Doctor! Now please keep quiet and let me do my job.’

Stark silence filled the ICU. The patient silently stared at the Doctor. It didn’t take long for him to realize how she was a beautiful young woman. He couldn’t help but notice her dedication to work, her ability to handle emergency situations and the attitude she carried. Taking his eyes off her was getting harder by the passing second. In his mind, he was already in some other Universe dancing on the song ‘Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahein’ while the Doctor strutted in a pink chiffon saree. That’s when the Nurse walked back in and the song quickly crumbled away. Back to reality, Tanya was done with her examination as the patient looked on, still a little intimidated by the Doctor’s mood swing.

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