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Doctor, Love: Page 6

Later in the evening her last patient, before she could sign off for the day, was the newly admitted Luv. She reached the hospital and walked into the ICU hoping she would stay sane.

She was taken aback!

A few colorful balloons were lying on the floor. A big bouquet of red roses stood beside Luv’s bed accompanied by some chocolates. A bizarre looking action figure was facing the window. She couldn’t cloud her smile. The first one that day.

‘Who allowed all this?’ she inquired. ‘Nobody. My friend had to work very hard to arrange all of this. Sorry but I thought the ICU was very gloomy and white. Everything is so colorless here,’ he sounded proud of his feat.

Tanya quickly examined his injury and found everything to be okay.

‘Firstly, none of this is allowed in the ICU. And secondly, you need to get rid of your toys because you need to move out of the ICU to another ward. You can leave tomorrow after my morning visit.’ Luv was somehow not very happy after hearing that but quickly picked up the bouquet, ‘Doctor, these roses are for you. I am sorry for spoiling your mood in the morning. And also I wanted to thank you for saving my life.’ Luv tried to handover the bouquet but Tanya didn’t budge. ‘Sorry, I cannot accept this. But more importantly I didn’t save your life. Somebody brought you here while I was available, that’s all. I will ask the Nurse to help you move to another ward,’ she reasoned and started to leave.

Although Tanya did talk to her patients aptly, she didn’t want to get too familiar with a young man for obvious reasons. Her dour expressions were a proof.

‘Tanya… Doctor, I mean Doctor,’ Tanya paused wondering if he got her name from the Nurse as he continued, ‘It’s okay if you don’t want to accept these flowers but I still want to thank you. If God can give me a second life thru your blessed hands, I am sure He will give me an opportunity to express my gratitude too.’ ‘Second Life! Really?’ she thought to herself. She raised her eyebrows, faked a grin and nodded while appearing totally non-committal.

As Tanya turned around, Luv muttered to himself, ‘Agar ye tujhse pyar karti hai to palat ke zaroor dekhegi… palat…’ she had already walked out of sight by then.

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