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About Me

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Welcome to this little part of the internet that I like to call *drums roll* My Personal Website! I call it ‘personal’ because I try my best to keep my work related stuff off of this space.

And no, I am not a budding actor or a photographer or any sort of artist for that matter, I am your average guy next door (trying to make sure you don’t find this description boring) doing a job in the IT industry after completing Engineering and MBA.

So what’s the story?

I started blogging in my early 20’s. But it was only a few years later that I realized that blogging, for me, wasn’t necessarily about documenting thoughts, experiences, insights and learnings, it had more to do with the sheer joy of sharing all of these.

So from hosting the website on a free hosting provider called Yahoo! Geocities back in the day and a free domain from a service called to moving to (when Geocities went under) to having a blog on blogger and then finally taking the jump and acquiring the domain, sharing has always been at the core of the entire journey.

With the arrival of social media, sharing became the new normal. Thankfully I was no longer this weird guy sharing stuff on the internet anymore because everyone started doing it 1f609 - About Me. An important development that happened though was the rise of the ‘experts’. People with significant knowledge of a topic started blogging and sharing stuff around that topic or niche. Blogging became a business. Bloggers turned into Authors, Influencers and Experts.

For me blogging has always been a hobby and way of sharing so I didn’t feel the need to niche down. Over the years, visitors and friends have been kind enough to read and share their feedback and point of views. Eventually, I couldn’t hold myself to just a text based blog, so I now have a YouTube channel and a Podcast too 1f609 - About Me

A little more…

I am passionate about Project Management. I share my knowledge at PMC LoungeMy other interests include running/cardio and reading books.

Oh and I do have a life besides the geeky description here. If you are kind (tolerant) enough to know more then let’s connect on social channels,

If you’ve come this far (and still reading) I assume you like to read. My blog is patiently waiting for your attention. Obviously there’s more to this website like a short story that I wrote – Doctor, Love, and you can grab it for free here. There are separate sections for some of my favorite QuotesShayari and Books that might be of interest to you.

If you are a creator yourself, you would be interested in taking a look at the Resources I use to create content. And I am open to collaborate, so hit me up if you want to Work With Me.

Hope you enjoy your time on the website, feel free to roam around and get in touch 1f44d - About Me