How to attain social nirvana!

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Ever wondered how many tweets you read or how much time you
spend on facebook everyday? Yep, I know what your answer is,

“Don’t give me that ‘waste of time’ sh*t, I spend a lot of time there and I
like it and I don’t care if you think it’s a waste of time… oh and by the way
YOU also spend the same amount of time on social networking websites so why
show off and ask this question in the first place?”
I gently accept that answer, however with this blog I only wanted to share
a recent experiment that I called the “Read Only” mode. All you need to do
during this mode is to restrict yourself from posting or liking anything
on any of the social networking websites. So all you do is login, browse the
entire page and logoff!
Now that you know HOW to follow the “Read Only” mode, let
me answer the 5Ws as well.
WHO (is it about)
– Well… to be frank everyone who is an avid online social networker should try
this out. If you look around and find that you are one of the 10 most
active folks in your network you should definitely go for this. By the way
you’ll be amazed to realize that some of the folks are by default “Read Only” 😉
WHAT (happened) – A
lot of things could lead you to try the “Read Only” mode based on the kind of
stuff you share, some of the reasons I can quickly think of are,
  1. You just had a break up
    (or an argument with your gf)! So basically anything that you post will be
    under scrutiny and since you are a super active user and usually pour your heart
    out… best thing to do, go “Read Only” and avoid things from getting worse.
  2. Family, boss, clients,
    superboss, parents, teachers, neighbors are all in your network! (Do I
    need to say anything more?)
    log off and play outside - How to attain social nirvana!

  3. Your password is shared
    with your gf! (I am sure I don’t need to say anything more!)
  4. Nothing really happened,
    you simply need some time with yourself and the real world!
WHEN (did it take
) – Everytime you feel like getting away from the social traffic jam!
WHERE (did it take
) – On your laptop! Duh!
WHY (did it happen)
– Because you are tired of posting your views on everything that happens around.
Because you are not a celebrity, poet, politician or an expert-on-everything
(you are simply a guy with an internet connection!). Because life is too big to
fit in the screens of your laptop and smartphone. And most importantly,
because online is no substitute to offline.
Go out, get busy! 🙂

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