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7 things I want to do after the coronavirus goes away

This episode is about the 7 things I want to do after the coronavirus goes away.

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Some movie trailers clearly tell you whether or not you should be watching the entire thing. Malang was one such forgettable Hindi movie. There’s a line Disha Patani uses in the trailer – “To live life from one high to another…”

Sometimes all of us want that. High after high. We all get bored with the daily routine. People in office usually ask each other what they did or what they plan to do over the weekend. If it isn’t obvious, people who ask such questions are themselves looking for ideas. Looking for an opportunity for a ‘high’. An answer like, “I reorganized my closet and bookshelf”, isn’t exciting at all. That’s routine. But with the coming of coronavirus, I must say I am missing my routine, my usual daily agenda. In fact, if I look back, that daily routine appears pretty exciting now.

And that’s why when I sat down to list a few things that I would do after the situation is back to normal, nothing exciting really came up. I don’t want to go trekking, I just want to go back to the office! So here is a list of 7 things I would do once the coronavirus goes away,

  1. Go to the office – Although I gave this out already, I do realize how much more focused you can be in the office vs. at home. There are no interruptions, well at least for the most part, and then there’s this whole office environment that I miss. I was doing a video with a life coach for my project management blog,, and she said, the environment is more powerful than you. It is just so true. The office environment gives me a kick start of productivity and that’s why I am looking forward to go back to the office.
  2. Eat out – I am sure this will show up in your list too if you were to make one. All of us have a few places we love to visit again and again be it dinner or simply desserts or ice creams or other such specialty. I am sure restaurants and other eateries are going to see a boom once we go back to normal.
  3. Hangout at starbucks – If we are friends, chances are, you already know that I don’t like coffee. So I am a silent spectator when people religiously argue over which cafe has the best coffee in town. And to be honest, starbucks made the list not because of its coffee but because of its relaxed aura. I walk in with my laptop ready to write a blog or plan out something or just get stuff done and I feel my creative juices flowing. This rarely happens when I am home unless its late night. So in my case, starbucks can be replaced with any cafe that has the right vibe, wifi and a good hot chocolate.
  4. Go to the gym – How I miss the treadmill! When it comes to a gym workout, I am not really someone who wants to pump iron or get chiseled 6 pack abs or get my veins to show. All I want is a good 45 minute cardio session everyday and a 2 hour session on the weekends. Home workouts are okay but I tend to check my list of To-Do list in the morning and get right to work instead of working out. This is why office is also important. This is why having a structure to the day is important. This is why a dedicated timeslot for the gym is important.
  5. Attend the Friday prayer – I don’t have much to say here but, yeah, I just miss the Friday prayer.
  6. Get a haircut – Now this is actually more than just the haircut. Considering my family and the genetics, I am just happy that I still have some hair. But when I say, visit the salon, I mean some indulgence. All of us have been through tough times and I would love some self-pampering.
  7. Go on a long bike trip – Now whenever I tell someone that I like riding a motorcycle over driving a car, two things happen. One is that things take a technical turn, brands that I have never heard of pop-up or motorcycle specs that I have no idea about enter the conversation. Second is the assumption that I like the high adrenaline rush that riding super fast brings with it. I am actually interested in neither. I like to ride my bike slow. Not like super slow but maybe a little less than the average speed. In fact riding slow, I feel, is highly underrated. Its calm. Its different. You feel the air. If I were to describe it, look at that “Tu Hai Ki Nahi” song from some disaster hindi movie named Roy, starring Ranbir Kapoor. I would love to have that road he is riding on to myself and while we are at it that bike and jacket too.

So there you have it. Those are the 7 things I am looking forward to do once this virus goes away. Yes, none of them might sound exciting or adventurous to you. And even I was surprised when I listed everything down. So while I miss these usual routine things, when I get to them the next time I will definitely be more grateful. Maybe this entire coronavirus situation is a second chance for all of us to be more grateful for everything that we have. So with that we come to the end of this podcast. Let me know what are some of the things you want to do after life gets back to normal?

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