mens 2Bshoes 2Bcasual - Warning: You're losing money by not buying the 5 must-have Men's Shoes

Warning: You’re losing money by not buying the 5 must-have Men’s Shoes

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Gentlemen, I assume all of us agree on the fact that shoes are important, they matter, they need to be paid attention if you want to draw attention! If you still don’t agree, here’s an article that you must read first – Shoes. Why do they matter?

There is a very famous quote around shoes,

You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it

So how many pair of shoes does a man need?

There is no magic number. It largely depends on personal preferences, lifestyle and age. Some men can own just one pair of formal shoes and use it for all occasions that require you to wear shoes while others can own just one pair of casual shoes and that’s all that they need.

Both the approaches are totally NOT fine.

Now the list below contains 5 different types of shoes available out there. It doesn’t mean you should own all of them but it is a good place to start creating a diverse shoe collection that covers every possible occasion.

1. Oxford/Blucher

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Oxford shoes have stitched eyelets
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Blucher (and Derby) shoes have open eyelets
All of us need a pair of black dress shoe as a daily driver. An Oxford or Blucher/Derby can fix it up just fine. As far as the styling goes, if experimenting is your cup of tea go with a cap toe or brogues to spice things up. Wholecuts and double monks are great options too. Bottomline, get your priorities right and atleast one from this category should be your first pair of shoes.

2. Chukka Boots

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Chukkas rise just enough to touch the ankle and generally have only 2 or 3 lace openings
Chukkas are perfectly versatile and you can pull them off on both formal and casual occasions. You can always bank on them whether you are wearing trousers, chinos or jeans. Suede ones tend to be more casual. Blend them in on a weekday when you are bored with the usual

Don’t mix Chukkas up with Chelsea boots but if tying laces feels like a hassle Chelsea boots are definitely a good alternative

3. Sneakers/Athleisure

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A must have for your casual outings
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Athleisure for men is the new kid in the block. These are the most comfortable sneakers when it comes to chilling around on a weekend

Sneakers are the number 1 go to shoes for casual Fridays. They can be paired up with jeans, chinos, joggers, shorts and are easily available in bevy of colors. Go with a subtle shade as pairing them will be easier.

4. Slip Ons

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Penny Loafers are low cut, lace less and blur the lines between formal and casual wear
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Driving Moccasins come in leather, suede and bright colors
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Boat Shoes are also a kind of slip-on shoes as they usually have faux laces. Comes with a squarer tip

The first shoes in the list that offers the comfort of not worrying about laces. Also known as loafers, moccasins and a ton of other names with slight styling variations. They also come in suede which are best reserved for casual wear. Men can be often seen pulling off the leather loafers with formal wear

5. Boots

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The quintessential brown boots

Question – Which one of the four shoes above do you wear when you are going out riding your bike 50 kms or taking a short trip to the mountains? Which is the shoe you can go a little hard on and still be sure that they will be rock solid without a scuff?

Answer – NONE. This is where the boots come in. Nothing defines the word ‘manly’ more than the boots and every man needs one for all the manly errands.

Stop losing money buying 3 pairs of the same style of shoes or
 buying shoes that don’t fit the occasion. Life is too short not to explore the great deal of options available out there. So which ones fit into your wardrobe and what are you buying next?

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