The top 5 most annoying co-workers!

The only disclaimer I would like to add before I start this blog
is that it’s my blog, you have read the title and you are the best person to
decide if you want to read further 🙂

Also, there are
all kinds of people in every office (and everywhere else) and not everyone will
fit in a category below. But if you do come across someone mentioned below, you
have been warned!

Einstein Question Everything - The top 5 most annoying co-workers!
1. The interrogator
5W1H is by default the first word of most of their sentences. You might think
that a question is often a conversation starter and there is nothing wrong with
that but when you feel like the entire conversation was simply answering
questions, you my friend, have just spoken to the interrogator!

2. The dealer
“You bought this for 25000? I could get you something far better in much
less!” Dealers are usually more knowledgeable than you are and whatever
they own is much better than anything you will ever possess. It doesn’t end
there because dealers get better deals on everything including holidays so forget
your yearend trip abroad because the dealer has been to a much better place
than anywhere you will ever go and not to mention they paid less too! Whether it’s
true or false is still up in the air!

3. The
freeloader - The top 5 most annoying co-workers!These people are mostly ‘all-talk’ with a strong reminder
of how they are just way too cool to be working in this organization. “I
don’t care about the manager”, “This happened to you? If I were you I
would have left the job already!”, “Dude, I clearly told the manager
that I need a 30% hike or I am leaving!” Yep, we have all met them in the
smoking area!

4. The freeloader
The freeloader has all the latest updates about the New Year corporate gifts,
free tees and company sponsored team lunches! The freeloaders are your best bet
to get the most up-to-date information on all the perks your company offers. Also, they are usually the ones borrowing stuff so if you got a new DSLR camera, you know who needs it the next week!

no%2Bto%2Beverything - The top 5 most annoying co-workers!5. The cannot-be-done
Just like the interrogator, the first word of every sentence will mostly be a
“No”. “You need this tomorrow? Not possible!” So the default
answer to everything is a big fat “No”. If you think about someone
and can’t remember when was the last time they said ‘yes’ to something, you
know they are the cannot-be-dones!

I know I know, you
wanted me to include the manager’s ‘yes-man’ or that guy who is
constantly on the phone all the time disturbing you with his pings and dings or
even worse the one who happens to know everything about everything in the
universe, but these were my top 5 picks, what’s yours?

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