The absolute #1 fat loss tip!

fat loss - The absolute #1 fat loss tip!

No side talks. Let’s get straight down to it. You know the question – what is the #1 thing that I should do to lose some fat?

The answer is in the math – burn more calories than you consume!

An average man requires 2500 kcal and an average woman requires 2000 kcal everyday. So if you are an average man consuming 2500 kcal everyday, you need to burn more than 2500 kcal everyday to create a fat deficit.

The good part is, we burn calories while doing everything, even while sleeping! But can you sleep your way to fat loss? Not so easy pal!

But the best way to burn fat is to cardio… 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach!

– Wait… what?

– But what about my pre-workout shake?
– Exercising on empty stomach! What if I fell down unconscious or throw up?
– Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is no way I am doing anything before having a well balanced pre-workout breakfast!

am cardio rotator - The absolute #1 fat loss tip!Well the science behind this is to tap on the stored body fat. When we wake up, we have basically been fasting for the last 7-8 hours and cardio then is when our body will be making use of the fat that it had stored. Having a very healthy 1000 calories in breakfast and exercising after that will basically negate everything. Remember the math above? There is more math involved though because the cardio needs to be in a certain fat burning zone

Still doubt me? You have all the reasons in the World to 🙂

I am not a nutritionist or a gym instructor. I am only sharing what worked for me when I gained some kilos, thanks to my PMP certification studies. Anyway, here’s a video from someone who is much more knowledgeable, than I ever will be, about gym and nutrition and exercise and all other good stuff (spoiler – He is Aaron Marino and he is saying the same thing!)

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