lost 2Byour 2Brc 2Bcard 2Bcertificate 2Bof 2Bregistration - Lost your vehicle's Registration Card? Here's how to obtain a Duplicate RC

Lost your vehicle’s Registration Card? Here’s how to obtain a Duplicate RC

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I recently lost my bike’s RC card. Realizing how this was going to be a frustrating experience (since any interaction with a government agency usually is), I made up my mind to do something about it. That is when the idea of vlogging the whole thing struck.

The first step was the most basic one that everyone would do – Google Search! That is when I ended up on a Quora post detailing the entire process. Do refer to the video below for the full story,


1. Police Complaint reporting the loss of RC
2. B-extract / RC-extract
3. Vehicle Insurance Document
4. Driving License (Both Original and Photocopies)
5. Pollution Under Control Certificate
6. NOC from Financier
7. Form 26
8. Passport Size Photos
9. Residential Address Proof
10. Postal Stamp Cover for RC to be mailed to you
11. Affidavit on Stamp Paper mentioning loss of RC, should be notarized
12. Tag File for all documents



Bangalore City Policehttps://bcp.gov.in (For registering online complaint of loss of RC)

Karnataka Mobile Onehttps://www.mobile.karnataka.gov.in (If you want to try to download your B-Extract/RC-Extract online, I made the payment of INR 18/- but it didn’t work. Needless to say you cannot get your money back)

Bangalore Onehttps://www.bangaloreone.gov.in (Check out the location of nearby Bangalore One center for obtaining B-Extract/RC-Extract)

Vahan Citizen Serviceshttps://parivahan.gov.in (I read somewhere that you can apply for Duplicate RC under ONLINE SERVICES – VEHICLE RELATED SERVICES section but KA registered vehicles aren’t found in their database)

Form 26https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/faces/forms/form26.pdf (The mighty Form 26, don’t forget to take two copies, fill both of them up and attach your passport photo on top right corner)

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