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What is your total experience?

“More than 5 years now.” I quickly answered after a small calculation. But the next question was surprising.“How can you measure your experience in terms of years?”Dumbfounded. I had no idea where this conversation was heading towards. So I smiled waiting for an explanation.“Your experience cannot be measured in years or any other unit of time …

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MBA? So what’s your startup idea?

If you are an MBA, atleast once someone, somewhere must have asked you – so what’s your startup idea? With the words like ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘venture capital’, ‘seed funding’ and, ofcourse, ‘startup’ appearing almost everywhere from TV to Newspapers and from Facebook feeds to YouTube videos, it is almost a moral obligation for an MBA to …

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Why do Muslims sacrifice animals on Eid al-Adha (Bakra Eid)?

Let’s get a few things straight,1. A person with a vegetarian or vegan diet preference can totally be a true and practicing Muslim and fulfill all his or her religious duties. It is NOT mandatory for a Muslim to consume non-vegetarian food (Since I don’t like Mutton, I usually get a “mutton nahi khate? What kind of Muslim …

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