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taxi for sure call center jobs

Are you replaceable?

Around 2013-14, Taxi4Sure was a major competitor of Ola. If I remember correctly, it was also comparatively cheaper. Their phone number was also pretty easy

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dubai burj khalifa view

Dubai in pictures

I have too many pictures of Dubai to share and couldn’t include all of them in the original travelogue. So here’s presenting just the pictures,

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infrastructure of dubai

दुबई की एक अजीब प्रजाती

  दुबई घूमके वापस आ गया हूँ. अपने एक्सपीरियेन्स का ब्लॉग लिखूंगा, फोटोस भी शेयर कर दूँगा. पर 4 घंटे की फ्लाइट में कुछ हिन्दी

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