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4 additions for your daily To-Do List

lakshya%2Bpriety%2Bzinta%2Bhrithik%2Broshan - 4 additions for your daily To-Do List

“Duniya mein itni saari cheezein hain, itni saari
baatein hain ke agar koi sachmuch interested ho to kabhi bore ho hi nahi
(There are so many things in the World, so many facts that if
someone’s really interested he’d never get bored), says Preity Zinta in the
movie Lakshya. Although I thought the movie was a bit stretched but this dialogue is bang on target. We do get bored. In fact some of us are bored every
single day.

to do list nothing - 4 additions for your daily To-Do ListAnd then there are those who think 24 hours are just not
enough. But Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Leonardo
da Vinci and Steve Jobs (among other great people) all had 24 hours in a day
too. Alright I hear you, you neither get bored daily nor do you want to be someone
as great as the names above but before you close this window and go away, let’s
get down to business and understand the four things we MUST (yes, in CAPS) be
doing daily,

hobbies for man - 4 additions for your daily To-Do List

1. Hobbies
Usually we are not serious about our
hobbies. Let’s understand that a hobby which doesn’t excite us is simply something
that we like and we may like the monuments in the museum as well, they’re good
but of no use. Not only does a good hobby act as a stress buster but it is also the
immediate next activity that keeps us occupied apart from job/studies.
Investing some time daily in a hobby ensures we don’t get stuck in the vicious
cycle of Home-Office-Home. So get a better hobby than listening to songs and
watching movies and you should be all set.

2. Relationships
All of us thrive on
relationships be it our spouse, parents, friends or relatives. It is thus
necessary to dedicate some part of the daily routine and keep up with them.
Phone calls, text messages and online chat counts only if they are in another

3. Health
keep%2Bfit - 4 additions for your daily To-Do ListOne thing that promises to be with us
till the very end is our body. Now isn’t that a reason enough to ensure that it
remains healthy? There are plenty of 10-minute workouts out there on the
internet which one can refer to. However, it is important to note that good
health doesn’t really mean that we transform into Dwayne Johnson. A 10-minute daily workout is what even doctors suggest to stay healthy and fit.

4. Faith/Religion/God/Belief
Whatever you like to
call it. The fact remains that there is a greater power that is taking care of
everything in the universe. We should take some time out to thank Him for all
the good things in our life and at the same time pray and ask Him to fix the
not so good ones. However, if you consider yourself too knowledgeable to believe in God you can skip this. But please stick to your stand of not believing in God, don’t just say it for the matter of a dining table conversation and then be found praying at some religious festival.

You may have ample time daily or none at all, in either case
these four should always be there on the daily To-Do List. I would love to know
if there is a fifth item that can be added here 🙂

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